Beyond Reasonable Doubt – Video Series


Beyond Reasonable Doubt -video series with John Cooper



Beyond Reasonable Doubt -video series with John Cooper – Also includes a 101-page Study Guide

In this series, John Cooper deals with biblical archaeology, the reliability of the Scriptures, and the divinity of Jesus. John Cooper is a Christian minister whose study and travels have given him a broad knowledge of the subject matter. The series uses video and photographs of important archaeological sites and artifacts. It was recorded in the Clayton Museum of Ancient History at York College in York, Nebraska.

The series is 9 programs each approximately 30 minutes on 3 DVDs. The topics covered are:
2-The Textual Reliability of the Bible
3-Old Testament Archaeology (Part 1)
4-Old Testament Archaeology (Part 2)
5-New Testament Archaeology (Part 1)
6-New Testament Archaeology (Part 2)
7-The Inspiration of the Bible
8-The Historicity of Jesus
9-The Divinity of Jesus


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