Does God Exist? – Audio Series


Does God Exist? -audio series with John N. Clayton



Does God Exist? -audio series with John N. Clayton

Can people living in the 21st century really believe in God? These 26 audio programs are designed to demonstrate that science and faith are friends–not enemies. John N. Clayton is a public high school science teacher, not a minister. He was an atheist who came to believe in God through his studies in science.

This series consists of 26 programs each 20-30 minutes on 9 CDs. They cover the following topics:
2-The Beginning
3-Intuitive Design
4-Architectural Design
5-Design or Chance?
6-What Is God?
7-In God’s Image
8-The Problem of Human Suffering
9-Why Are We Here?
10-Which God Should We Serve?
11-Why the Bible?
13-The Age of Things
14-The Sequence of Genesis
15-The Animals of Genesis
16-Is God a Magician or an Engineer?
17-The Flood
18-Making Moral Choices
19-Morality’s Proof of God
20-God’s Finest Design (Part 1)
21-God’s Finest Design (Part 2)
22-The Paranormal
23-Demonology and Exorcism
24-The Nature of Man
25-Why I Left Atheism (Part 1)
26-Why I Left Atheism (Part 2)


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