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Frequently Asked Questions -a book by John N. Clayton.



Frequently Asked Questions -a book by John N. Clayton. 120 pages, paperback

This book answers many the questions which John receives on his lectures and online. They include:
Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
Why Did God Command the Destruction of the Amalekites?
Who Created God?
Why Just Christianity?
What About Those Who Never Heard of Jesus?
Is Homosexuality Wrong?
Who Are the Giants of Genesis6?
What About All of Those Mistakes in the Bible?
How Can You, as a Scientifically Trained Person, Believe in Miracles?
How Old Is the Earth?
Do You Really Believe in the Flood of Noah?
If There Is a God, Why Are There Disasters?
Why Is the Bible So Male Chauvinistic?
What About Cavemen?
Where Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?
Do You Believe in Evolution?
Didn’t the Fall Cause Death?
Do You Just Have to Have Faith and Nothing Else?
What About Chaos Theory?
Can’t I Be As Moral As Christians Are?
How Can You Believe in Satan?
How Can Anyone Understand the Bible?
I Don’t Need Church. Why Does Anyone?
How Do You Know There Isn’t Life In Space?
Why Are Chimps 99% Like Us Genetically?
Isn’t the Speed of Light Changing?
What About the Missing Link They Just Found?
Why Is Drinking Wrong?
What About Global Warming?
Have They Found Noah’s Ark?
Were You Really an Atheist?
How Did Methuselah Live So Long?
Do You Believe in Ghosts?
What Is Wrong with Euthanasia and Abortion?
Do You Believe in UFOs?
Are Cloning and Stem Cell Research Wrong?
Are You a Theistic Evolutionist?
Are Duckbill Platypuses and Dinosaurs Birds?
Does My Dog (or Cat) Have a Soul?
Is Birth Control Wrong?

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