Does God Exist? – Video Series


Does God Exist? -video series with John N. Clayton



Does God Exist? -video series with John N. Clayton

Can people living in the 21st century really believe in God? These 36 video programs are designed to demonstrate that sceince and faith are friends–not enemies. John N. Clayton is a public high school science teacher, not a minister. He was an atheist who came to believe in God through his studies in science.

The series is 36 programs on 9 DVDs with each program approximately 30 minutes long. They cover the following topics:
2-The Beginning of the Cosmos
3-The Cause of the Beginning
4-Design in Creation (Part 1)
5-Design in Creation (Part 2)
6-The Soft Anthropic Principle
7-Anticipating Some Objections
8-What Is God?
9-Space, Time, and God
10-What is Man?
11-Pain, Suffering, and God
12-Why Am I Here?
13-What Is the Paranormal?
14-Paranormal: Scientific Evidence
15-Paranormal and the Queen Mary
17-Which God (Part 1)
18-Which God (Part 2)
19-System Design
20-God’s Finest Design: The Church
21-Morality’s Proof of God (Part 1)
22-Morality’s Proof of God (Part 2)
23-The Wisdom of Creation
24-The New Atheists, the New Science, and God
25-Evolution and God
26-Fossil Evidence
27-The Flood of Noah: Fact and Myth
28-The Age of Things
29-The Genesis Creation: Verse-by-Verse
30-The Fossil Sequence & the Biblical Record
31-Why I Left Atheism (Part 1)
32-Why I Left Atheism (Part 2)
33-The Rational God (Part 1)
34-The Rational God (Part 2)
35-Evidence for Jesus
36-What Kind of Faith Do You Have?


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