The Rational God – Book


The Rational God -a book by John N. Clayton



The Rational God -a book by John N. Clayton – 91 pages, paperback

The subtitle of this book by John Clayton is “Does God Make Sense?” It’s a book about believing that what God has done and is doing is logical, rational, and understandable. The chapter headings are:
The War We Are In
Man’s Evolutionary History in the War
The Coming of Christ
Is the Church a Rational Creation of God?
Do Miracles Discredit the Bible?
Is Biblical Morality Relevant?
Do Heaven and Hell Make Sense?
The Individual Christian in a Religiously Divided and Confused World

The book also contains 5 appendices which include:
A Help in Understanding What God Is
Who Created God?
Checkable Biblical Accuracy Comparing it to the Book of Mormon and the Koran
More Information on the Koran, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism
The Animals and Sequence of Genesis


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